Sunday, September 19, 2010

143.2 Schooching slowly.

So now the scale wants to hold to the lovely steak day from two days ago. That much steak is not a legal when on HHCG unless the oz count would have been 3.5 and it most definitely was not I am still holding to the 143 read. Pickles going to make them literally this morning and then relax all day because its been a very long week. Hubby and I tried to drive up to see how far down the mountain range the wild fire has burned and this day they have shut the freeway entrances off during the middle of the day. Its is extremely smoky but at least today the wind is blowing it up and away from us.

Breakfast: warm tea I was freezing all morning.
Lunch: tolapia with yellow pear tomatoes and grissini sticks and strawberry's in a tiny bit of milk made into a smoothie.
Dinner:Asparagus and turkey breast ground and fried on the grill. Wasa crackers to make a bun and then a yummy cold orange.

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