Tuesday, September 28, 2010

139.2 Finally a new number.

Sorry I missed a few days in there that I can't get back it ended up being way busy and way stressful kind of weekend. At least I kept up with the diet well sorta. On Sunday night pretty girl made Jalapeno poppers and talked me into eating them, the first batch about burned our mouths and insides out. The next batch was amazing and I of course gained 2 ounces. So with being extremely strict yesterday I have finally gotten past the 140000000s to stay past this time. Yee ha.
Sunday read on scale was 139.8
Monday read was 140.2

Sticking to the diet very tightly since I am nearing the end of 40 days. My bottle of HHCG is almost gone and I want to be farther down the scale then this reading for today.

One thing I have noticed is that the fat pad that sits between you shoulder blades up high on your neck line is gone on my back. There are not to many ways to work that area off and its amazing how my body has moved the fat cells out and it is no longer firm and rounded there. I can actually feel some boniness in that area like it used to be when I was a teenager eons ago. Wow I am amazed at the spots that are shrinking on me right now.

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