Thursday, September 9, 2010

147.6 Puny loss and Tomato Sauce!

Its a tomato sauce day the air is filled with canning smells in my kitchen. See my bounty from my garden. For as rainy as this year has been I have lots of tomatoes and cucumbers so chili sauce spaghetti sauce and pickles are in the jars.

Breakfast: Dark Chocolate Stevia in my 3 liters of water.
Lunch: Lean turkey breast with cucumbers salad, gissini sticks and tiny onions. A nice red apple to crunch.

SHOCK and BLESSED I got called to be a bus aide for a handicapped child. It pays the amount we needed to keep far away boys assigned payment amount to stay on his LDS MISSION. Plus they gave me a car to drive to and from the connection point so I never have to pay that out of my pocket. I arrive home 15 min after all the other kids and it is such a perfect system because little guy can go to my sis house for the two hours and play play play with his little cousin.
How blessed can we get. The job could last all year that's a blessing for sure.

Dinner: Salad on the go to soccer with lettuce out of my own garden sliced strawberries and melba toasts on top.
What an evening, Pretty girls very good guy friend broke his leg in a football pile up. 2 Little boys both lost their soccer game and Mc"s team in soccer is undefeated. C boys freshman team lost really badly they all looked beat down tonight except for Mc and the chores still had to been done at 10:30pm late and tired is how they all went to bed.

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