Thursday, September 2, 2010

149.9 Soccer Pizza and starting HHCG my 3rd time around.

GRRRRR. Soccer nights are kicking my butt and making the scale go up up up. We were all starving and so it was pizza for dinner. The whole night I felt like a pound weight was stuck in my gut and the stomach rolled and rumbled. In the middle of the night when I awoke to check Jer's oxygen I felt so yucky that I will never eat bread pizza again or at least not from that joint.

I made one of those executive choices and I am starting my Phase 2 Round 3 with Homeopathic HCG in the morning. I have been fighting the scales way to much this last week so it is just best to get dropping and feeling in control with the scale and losing that last now 30 or so pounds since I have slid up the scales a bit over the last week or so.

Driving for three hours isn't that fun for the need to eat loads of good fat but I have done it once and the hospital cafeteria has lots of cream pie and milk shakes work too.
I am having lunch with a wonderful person be jealous, cause I can't wait.

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