Wednesday, September 22, 2010

141.0 Driving to see Jers growth Doctor.

I ate Popcorn with caramel on it because Jer wanted it and I couldn't resist the stuff taunting me.
I ate almonds because the drive made me a nervous wreck and I had to hurry three hours there and back better then biting my lip to a bloody pulp.
I ate a beef hot dog wrapped in a pretzel that Jer wanted and then only ate a few bites off the top.
I ate my lunch of salad with tuna on it because I didn't have anything else that could travel with me and was cooked up. I ate wasa cracker with it.
I ate lots of the raw almonds again. Trying to keep myself from being nervous as the traffic squeezed in to me on the way home. I made it back in time with seconds to spare to my newly required CPR class so that I can continue being a sub aide on the bus. Hopefully this will turn into permanent aide soon.
I ate my one apple and then nothing else because I cheated enough and went outside of protocol and ate because I couldn't waste the stupid beef hot dog. So glad I am home safe tomorrow with my stove near at home and maybe my metabolism has kicked into gear and I won't suffer since you know that's all fiber type foods well not the hot dog but oh well that's what happens when you have to go see a Dr. for you little guy and get home on a time limit.
By the way the amount of Medicine they can give has been reached the top in what his body can handle at the moment. His growth is slow but it has been happening, now if we could just get him to allow himself to consume the calories that he needs outside of his list of will and will not eat.

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