Friday, September 17, 2010

142.6 22 years and counting

This wonderful day that I wed him. Many an up and several very rocky down in the bottoms where we dragged each other along have passed. 7 cute kids later that helped me gain 70lbs over from what he met me at. Built a house survived it. Faced financial cost of some 2.8 million dollar baby and more money to dish out for the rest of his life, we have made it to this momentous anniversary. He is taking me to dinner in my skinny jeans size 5/6 and my reward tank top that I have looked at every day when I get on the scales I still have a bit more to really hit my goal but I made it quite far so far. Later the scale will be higher I am sure because he will want steak or prime rib and the works with it, but at least he wont want desert so I am saved. Then a movie and a night time drive to look over the lights where he kissed me the first time like he really meant it and then forever took place because several weeks later he asked me to be his friend forever and ever. I sure love him!

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