Sunday, September 5, 2010

154.0 top load weight for my last round.

So that was not to much of an increase even though I drank cream after dinner with sugar mixed in it.
Today is going to be a bit different for the first day of P2 protocol for me. In my church on the first Sunday of the month we fast and give to those who have less the monies we would have spent on food. Also when we have really important causes or needs we concentrate on the fast in a way that the Lord will know we are in great need and if it is his will then there will come a result in his time and if we do our faith filled part to help the result the need will happen to be helped. So that's today and I am fasting that my brother be able to find a job too and of course its my first protocol day so I am going to be missing the first two meals for the day which means I will only have one meal today of 500 cals. The scale should be interesting tomorrow can't wait to see if I drop all the loading plus the extra gains from last week pizza soccer meal.

Never had a hungry moment today either. Saying good bye to extra fat cells that are not needed anybody want them?

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