Monday, April 23, 2012

Non Toxic Homemade Antibacterial Liquid "Soap"

I made my own liquid hand soap which was because of someone else's finding and sharing a recipe of course on Pintrest, but mine has my own little twist because I used an Essential Oil called, On Guard, it is so amazing. There are antibacterial properties in this soap and it does not make my little guys hands crack and bleed from using it. It's helped keep my kids from getting the flu this year and the ones that did get the flu were only sick a very short time. With 7 kids, 6 of them boys that's a feat I would say.

So here goes sharing my own Non Toxic antibacterial liquid Soap from our house to yours.

1 Bar of no scent soap,  I choose Ivory because it's known to not cause allergic reactions as often.
2 Tablespoons of Glycerin bought at the store in the Pharmacy area.
1 Gallon of boiling water.

Shave the soap then place shavings in the water until dissolved, I stirred it and then let it cool all night. See in that big silver pot.
Next morning I took my beaters mixed it up to break up all the chunks.

Added 30 drops of the On Guard Essential Oil that comes from doTERRA Essential Oils
 Go click back there on the word doTERRA to get some.
It has a very clean grapefruit,clove, cinnamon smell to it.
Why use that essential oil?  Well it's incredible properties and qualities are all listed at this LINK  and this LINK and this LINK too.
Try your own soap and then make your own nontoxic antibacterial soap that won't make your kids hands crack and bleed.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Make over your Medicine Cabinet so its safer and healthier.

 So here's a question for you do you like wondering what the medicine you take might do to your insides?
Do you want to use natural products that works and increases your health instead?
So which one costs more? Enlarge the photo notice the code numbers and see what you could use to replace the medicine that is in a drug store with one that is natural.
Place your guess and I will give you an answer with a sample of my favorite Essential Oil. Deep Blue Rub.