Monday, May 9, 2011

Proud of my Mom

My title today reflects the fact that ya my Mom is getting back into her healthy grove and I am going to say that I am way pleased about it. Even to the point of saying, Hey I am proud of MY Mom. Last year at this time I was filled with the hope that somehow I could show her the path that I had found and the way to lose weight  along with getting really healthy foods into my system and yet I just could not figure out a way. Now today because of my example and dilagence my Mom over the last month at the golden years has gotten to the 199 on the scale after being several several pounds above that point for several years.
She always taught me healthy ways to eat but lots of stress that comes with Mommy years held her in the not able to lose weight area, but not anymore. I too have learned that I must watch when those Mommy stresses show up in my life that  I am learning  to not eat into them but instead face them head on and keep the green food there an kick that nasty stuff that gets me back to fat as far away as I can while I face the Mommy stress at hand whatever that may be.

For me Mothers day started off with a call to South Africa to talk with far away mission boy, priceless. Then the kids at home begging that we go eat the most carb,sugar filled meal of all since we just never ever go get chinese food "except on Mothers Day". When the heck did that become a tradition that I can't remeber being in place past yr 2008. Oh well I caved since if they cooked I would still have to clean up. I ate lots of brocoli beef and chicken with the bread picked off and salad salad salad. They promised that they would eat enough that they would never even need dinner that evening (hmm is that really healthy for kids?)

Home to take a nap that did not happen because instead the Pretty girl gave me a pedicure and a manicure with spring color to go on  my nails. Then I watched as each of her brothers begged to have either thier nails or feet done. Even C boy begged but she would only do his if she could paint his toenails when she was done. He caved in and allowed her, I bet he has a bottle of hidden remover that he would not let on that he had because he is just smart like that or maybe crazy because these boys do things like light potaote booms with the stuff. I mean seriously on Fri. I came home from work to find 3 live fish in my bath tub. Muddy boots on the deck, at least they had changed the water in the field of the Alfalfa hay. Along with one really muddy dog that they were letting in the house. Pre Mothers day tears was the lot I had going on and then lets top it with a trip to the ER because C boy tried to be in a hurry and the lighter fluid explode up on to his face and chest with no shirt on, causeing 2 degree burns to lots of his skin and face.
Mommy stess at its fullest right there and we still had two days to go before celebrating the love that they should show thier Mother.
Finally the real Mothers day ended with me talking to that amazing Mom that I have, just before she went to bed.
I love you Mom alot!
Thanks JBS for a good moment to tell about being a Mother and honoring my very own mother.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Experiment number one results. Shakeology to lose.

Started another HCG April 1, 2011, round to lose 10 pounds that came from not paying attention. Holidays can really mess you up at times. Strange thing the pants still all fit right, well could stand to lose some hip fat is what I thought.
I can lose using Shakeology but I admit I was impatient so in comes HHCG diet again.

Learning things:
Making your mind be in control is such a crazy thing. I took a whole week getting back into the rules of the diet and not trying to pick up little bits of food here and there so I kept not doing the protocol correct. Its such a mental thing at times and you have to get past the fact that your being deprived of what? nothing, really because you have plenty of food and usually when you cheat your not even hungry you just want the food thing and so you take it. I stalled a lot.
I sat at 140 to 139. for a whole week THENNNNNNN. After popping back up to 140.0 one certain day I did the below plan.

So Experiment going into affect NOW with pump up plan.

April 12, 2011 Yesterday changed my eating plan to sub a SHAKEOLOGY meal in, kept the protein and then dropped the fruit. That was my dinner meal.

RESULTS: April 13, 2011         138.0 the scale says I dropped 2.4 pounds to 136. 8. The next day 1.2 pound drop.
April 20th Last day of drops ended 135.8

The last 10 days of a 20 day round this is how I worked it. I tried to see how I would lose if I subbed in the Shakeology as my meal replacement and took it at breakfast time along with still consuming the 100 grams of meat protein too, eating it a bit later in the day. I got to 135.8  Aunt flo stoped in at about a week into P3 dang I did not plan this well then on top of all that the flu ewwww. What a weekend by the 30th of April.

I used a CaliKicker:
I used it to get rid of a horrible sneezing from allergies in the air with a nice side benefit of dropping whole pound not even using HCG and kicking the sneeze to the gutter so to speak.
But I am not sure I like the cayenne in combo with the bottom end removal that your body has to deal with after lots of births, lots a weight and ya know sitting for two years holding a little guy trying  to get him to grow and eat it's not helpful to a persons bottom end. Ok I hope you all are getting that I am talking about the thing truck drivers get that starts with a big H.

Things I like about this round:
I like that there is no hip fat left and its seems to be getting leaner as I pump up into fast running and the muscles in my legs are much much more defined now. Even the gut is getting a small very small six pack type look to it. Now if the lower gut where they cut the skin during my c-section would just tighten up a bit, not much just enough to not sag out so I could maybe wear a tankiny, at my house only though.
Is that vain?

Can I say it one more time I love SHAKEOLOGY and even the video that came with it is a gentle workout to move into after a round of loosing. Here's to the next part Phase 3 getting a really tight  setting in my system.  Here I come month of MAY and P3 without being sick or aunts visiting nor any more allergies.
Today I am 137.4 ekk a tiny bit  up but I will get set back to the 135 spot really quick. I hope!