Wednesday, September 15, 2010

143.0 No stall doing what its supposed to do.

Yep I am doing great even with a smoky air around us. Can't remember what I ate it was way to busy a day of cleaning cabins and catching up on bills then racing to the soccer field.

K boy gets to go with his Dad tonight and sleepover for the 3rd grade major field trip of their school year life. They see a tall tale Annie Bangs come to life and really tap on the window of the lodge that they are getting ready to fall asleep in. Fear and suspense sets in to their little minds for the night. But its totally thrilling to them.

We at home get to breath the smoke for the night of a giant camp fire that seems to want to consume our whole mountain range around us and has burned for two months now. Its getting closer and closer uggha. Jer is actually handling it well but I have had to increase the oxygen a tiny bit as he sleeps and he is asking for a breathing treatment every morning and night now.

Jer tried to eat all day long that's a switch maybe we are finally getting some kind of a growth spurt coming on. Yippee.

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