Thursday, September 16, 2010

142.6 Singing a smoky song.

Ignore the time stamp on my camera the boys have altered it, the picture was taken Tue and its still looking like this. This is how we are breathing, lovely right! There was a tiny rise because of the birthday Z boys frozen cake. He cut it and said here Mom this one is special just for you. Oh boy that sang trouble I ate it and now pay it but one slice at least didn't do me in. Breakfast:Mint herbal tea with chocolate stevia to sweeten.

Lunch:Cumber salad with Strawberry vinagrette and tiny onions and grissine sticks. Grilled turkey breast of 3.5 oz.
Dinner:Chicken choped tomatoes and and apple with some wasa crackers.
Riding the bus was a bit explosive I had to defuse a fued that I guess is on going with some kids. At least it didn't blow while they were on the bus. I got an interview and the Bus driver said he hopes that they just give me the job because its making his ride alot easier. Next Tue. good vibes send my way please.

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  1. Sounds like good plan. You would be good at it. I hope you get the job and that those kids figure it out. Your food sounds really good to me...I am hungry.