Saturday, September 11, 2010

144,0 My own Stevia plant.

I had one of those physiological slides. See the scale didn't hurt me from my infractions yesterday so I kept feeling like I would be just fine and dandy. That was a nice sized weight drop.
I didn't feel hungry all day but I kept wanting the stuff you shouldn't have when losing with HHCG. It started with making french toast for the kids all at home. A grinding pull to taste it because it was there and I wanted. I did resist the whole one and went for tiny bites that Jer tried to feed me out of his. It had lots of cinnamon sugar on it since he thought it was toast and I disguised it under the guise of cinnamon toast. Then a very very late lunch at 3:00 because of swathing and hauling hay with the hubby. Dinner late again. and dang tempting swiss cheese. I caved I hope its not as bad on the scale rise as it might be say I was eating sugar. I wasn't even hungry I just wanted it outside of the 500 cal limit that you are supposed to stay on to drop the excess weight. This round is harder on the psyche. I know the protocol works so why do I keep messing with the temptations?

On a lighter note my Dad is the bestest. I had know idea he and my Mom where attempting to grow their own Stevia plants. They started several months ago and then brought a pretty plant to all of their kids. Its like a mint leaf without the minty taste just a very very sweet taste when you bite down into it. I was so excited now I will always have my own no calorie sweetener if I dry the leaves and grind them up into a powder. Now if only the little plant will grow big into a bushy bush. Problem is it can't ever get cold and that is going to be tough to keep from happening in the cold land of Utah.

Breakfast: Bites of cinnamon toast which was really french toast under the covering.
Lunch: Beef burger, Cherries bell tomatoes most likely more then I should have eaten. Orange and grissini sticks.
Dinner: Talopia fish, apple, and I can't remember what my veggie was we had so many kinds in the kitchen from picking most everything out of the garden because it froze last night. To many melba toast and the dang cheat of to much Swiss cheese.

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  1. Do you have a warm barn window? Or is that an oxymoron? Maybe there is a warm warm place for it somewhere that it will still get sunshine this winter. That is so nice!

    500 calories is extremely difficult to deal with in real life with all the kids home. Your psyche is def going to give you a hard time about it. But you can do it. It may just take a little longer this time. You're training your mind and body to get in synch with each other. That is great for the long haul. I hope you have a great day!!!