Friday, September 24, 2010

141.8 Gut Rock!!!

HHCG and pizza should be highly avoided and not placed together at all. So I slid back to the past weight and didn't really do anything except the Pizza cheat late last night. It goes to show that Dr. Simeons knows what he is talking about when combining to lose and not doing your own fandagling. Thank goodness the weekend is coming I will be home and it will be quiet.

Breakfast: Warm tea of peppermint.
Lunch: Fish with sauteed tomatoes in coconut oil Grissini sticks and half a grapefruit.
Dinner:Wasa crackers with lean beef burger on a grill and an apple. I didn't eat my veggies. My burger seemed huge for a 3.5oz I had preweighed it then froze it and so my memory serves to say it was about the day that my scales broke so I am wondering if it got a bit much on that one because of my broken foodie scales. Well that's it for the day home to finish salsa and clean up from the wild week of running here and there.

Aunt Flo could also be helping to mess this whole losing process also.

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