Tuesday, September 21, 2010

141.8 Thoughts on a goal & Jer and sensory eating..

Now that I am getting to feel smaller in my size 14 jeans that by the end of the day are falling off me I start to wonder if where I am at in the weight zone is just good enough. Why am I trying to get clear to 120 is it because its a goal I set so long ago and must achieve or is it because there are some jeans that are in my storage stash that are that size and were practically new that I just must someday be able to wear again. I feel like I am looking really good right now that is until I look at a photo of myself and then I think good grief I still look larger then I want to look. But I feel so good that its hard to think I still might have some more to loose to reach what a Wii states would be my optimum weight for my height and age. Well I guess the bottom line is that I set a goal and I need to reach that spot before I really feel complete in this journey besides that 120lbs goal was set years before I ever had a Wii or knew anything about how to make HHCG work to help me loose weight. Better make it to my goal so I know that I have completed it.

So I interviewed today and now I wait to see if I pass into the life of being a bus aide and future substitute bus driver which at some point will push into the career of a permanent bus driver when my little guy heads off to kindergarten but that will be a few years down the road.
Jer and I met with another feeding specialist and did a whole workup on what he will eat and things that affect him in his environment. He was red flagged for sensory eating disorders and now we will watch to see what he will verses what we can get him to eat. The discovery of only eating white and brown foods with a tiny bit of blue for dried blueberries and once in a great while an orange carrot is a big insight from this summer. There really isn't anything that is a new trick to be given to my bag of stuff to help him out but at least it gets his Dr's. attention and all of the schools have to make sure we work to keep him fed as the years pass on. All kids have some of these little issues its just rough when they have them so strong that it keeps a kid from eating at all on some days. It also helps a Mom to know that she isn't crazy when her kids will not eat like some of her other children will. Eating its such a big control factor for children they must get to have some bossiness over at least some areas of their life as long as they stay safe and eat something.
Gearing for a drive to the big city tommarow.

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