Wednesday, September 15, 2010

142.2 I am ashamed I had a bad attitude.

The day started out with a blessing beyond belief. Wally world had all kinds of things being clearanced for half of the half off price. 200$ later everyone had new sheets, at least three shorts each, 4 new shirts, two window fans that earlier this year I had paid 30$ for but got for 10$ today. Every possible tie color you could imagine for 2.50$ plus zipper kind the boys were thrilled to get them and now I can replace my far away boys ties since he gave them all away as he has helped people on a new adventure in life in the far away land of Johannesburg South Africa doing and LDS Mission. Mind you thats like 14 ties that where 2.00 each regular 14.00. Everything I had on my list of start replacing over the next three months with each little bit from the pay check was done in 1 hour. WOW I am blessed especially because I really do not like shopping and that took such a short time to score all that we needed in this household.

The bus subing as aide ride was a blast. Did you know that Wally world has salad that is in just the right amount for when you are doing an HHCG diet protocol. I ate on the run getting to do the bus subbing job.

But later after picking up the C boy from football practise my attitude went sour. He ran into some of the scout group of his that was going on a bike ride up the mountain. He begged please run go get his bike and take him to go on the 15 mile bike ride that will end at dusk. I conceded and then caught up to leaders about half way up the mountain that isn't burning. Here is where my attitude when bad. They wouldn't pull over and add him to their car load and put his bike on the trailer they just kept driving up up up. I hadn't wanted to drive all the way up the mountain when I had to pee and hit a million bumps and wanted to instead feed kids and get to bed early for one night. Alas I didn't smile my usual smile I looked mad and they knew it and now I feel bad for being ornery and not just enjoying the scenery on a non burning mountain that God made in all its fall changing glory. So now I am doing some repenting because heaven forbid I don't want my body to do some crazy thing like hang on to a bit of fat because I have issues like I hear some people saying on those alternative medicine shows that sometimes I flick over if I ever watch TV. So I hope I get forgivin because I really am a blessed person. See here one more reason, the neighbors up the canyon got evacuated because of the smoke late last night, and I really got a shopping blessing. So as C boy said Mom you should have just enjoyed the ride instead. I guess I need to still do some relaxing learning. Yep done ranting now.

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