Friday, October 22, 2010

137.2 Just make a win on Cheese today.

Am I am going to start a settle point? The scale has stayed today and thats a good sign.
Breakfast was an omlet with salsa and goat cheese
40 min combination of jump ropeing, bollywood dancing, Hubby laughed at me, and crunches again, would have gone outside to ride a bike but it started to pour rain.

Cheese do you want a chance to win some yummy cheese? Now only if your on P3 HCG'ers go here to enter and have fun seeing a cool blog at Simply the Sweet Life-Sweet Life in The Valley Secret is I hope I win cause I love cheese right now.

Eating today ended up being a mess, missed lunch cause of my job and early out school today. Felt like stress eating while sitting on the bus cause the kids yelled so so loud today, they would not settle down. It was a rough bus ride, I wanted to drowned in food instead of hearing the shrill voices especially the one I have to sit beside that is just so out of control sometimes. Add eye Dr. appointments and still no lunch, rain and running kids to FFA things, still no food, crashed into eating oreo cookies out of sheer starvation while grabing food stuffs at the store. Around 9 pm finally ate celary with Hummus and almonds and rasins and wheat thins. What a meal combination. Wonder what the scale will do in the morning. Maybe a happy way to look at it is that I carb loaded to run in the morning hours. Guess I will just have to wait and see.

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