Wednesday, October 6, 2010

139.2 The Doctor Said!

I mean really I was perfectly perfect yesterday in my diet protocol and now I went back up. It is enough to make a person feel like crying. I don't know but I guess today is another day to work things out. I am going to get a body fat percentage reading today because I am really skinny in lots of places that haven't been for many years. Like off the back of my hips and even my tummy that has had many a baby has become considerably flatter. Though this morning it felt like some of my fat cells had moved position and ganged up on my tummy area where yesterday it had seemed such a flat area.
I woke up hungry and hurried to take the drops which really curbed the hunger fast this morning.
Dr. appointment was Very interesting. Every appointment I have had through my life was to talk about baby maintenance before impending birth. So this was really different. He was shocked that I had lost so much weight over the year. Since he had seen me I had lost 41 pounds and he was impressed. You see he was wanting me to have a sleep study test last year because I couldn't breath at night and would catch myself holding my breath. I had headaches when I awoke and my arm would go to sleep in the night. Now sleeping is a whole different experience.

Anyway, He said I weighed 140.4 and that my BMI was 24.4. That optimally for my age and height I was at a perfect spot unless I wanted to do strength training to build muscle mass which of course is going to make the scale rise.
I decided I wanted a paper recorded read out so over to the gym I went. There the scales said that my weight was 136.8 and the BMI was 22.8.

My fat percentage was 27.4 desired range for my age was 20 to 27. So score one for me.

At my partners/sis house her extra special scales said I weighed 138.00 and my BMI was 28.8. Very interesting to see all these different levels on so called accurate scales that the professionals use. Most important is how your body feels and mine is feeling pretty dang good right now. Can't wait to start running and building some muscle mass on a floppy gut and tones legs.
Lunch Salad with Chicken and melba rounds and cut up strawberries on top.
Dinner: Apple, pretzel sticks, a nasty bit of hamburger and it was dang late and crazy stressful eating because the pretty girl is being picky and didn't like the dress that I was trying to fix for her for homecomig so we had to go out hunting for something different.

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  1. Aw.

    You sound like you are in a super duper healthy place. I think I would trust the first two because they're so LOW! You rock and you're doing great. Please don't cry over it. Because you're awesome.