Monday, October 18, 2010

136.0 Body Sculpting.

So the scale is ok and not kicking me to bad. Yesterday I only ate a glass of milk handful of almonds Chocolate candies that I mixed out of my yummy recipe, see links from the past, and homemade stuffed peppers. The stuffing was lean beef with tomatoes sauce and cheese and mushrooms. I had thought about trying another steak day back to back and then decided to just stay low in my portions. I was just not hungry at all the whole day until the evening when the cooking smells wafted out of my oven from the peppers. Today I am still sticking to small portions but adding almonds more kinds of veggies and salmon stickes that are very spicy. A taco with lots of beef and lettuce onions and tomaotes. Oh and a touch of sour cream


I once danced ballet and then in Highschool pop and modern dance. So now I am doing a bit of the old which resembles that link above with my pilates and new cool video from Lynn. Simpley moving and strengthening everywhere is my goal from here on out.

Running today 1.5miles, working on a plan for a 10K goal.

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  1. Just clicked Bar Method link. It looks pretty interesting. I'll go back and read up on it some more. Looks like my kinda exercise. Happy 10K training! woot woot!