Saturday, October 30, 2010

137.8 Life went into over busy mode there for a few days.

Fri. Scale read 137.6 That steak day did not work so well. Not sure if it is because there is a lot of muscle building going on or what but I sure didn't drop back down to where I should have been or like the protocol promises. I also missed the water drinking that I should have done.
Today I did part of my stretching with Denise Austin video and 50 sit ups and crunches.
Saturday posting also. 137.8 on the scale.
Yep you can tell not enough water drinking happening yesterday.
Today the Hubby took me on a long workout. I was only supposed to run 3.5 miles today in my schedule's plan towards a 10K. But he wanted to show me how to work on cross training along with the running. So after .42 of a mile warm up we took off up the side of the mountain range that runs along our home. He wanted me to run, no way was I going to fall down I told him so I did a half gimpy kind of run but mostly walked fast because there were big rocks to cross over. Upon reaching the top we took off back down the side hill and met up with the side of the road that I usually run along this ended up being about 1.29 or a bit more of a mile. Then we preceded to run up a steady slow incline way past 3 miles but that was my fault because I forgot that a cattle guard was the turn around point. After awhile he said I am sure we have gone well over 3 miles. I kept saying well where is the fence that I saw on my Google map which goofy me had already passed but kept looking out over the distance thinking the fence would come back and meet the road soon that was out there in the distance. Upon arriving home we consulted the map and looked at the length we had gone, total over all was 5 miles with the mountain hill hike which I had not run but the rest measured out to 4.5 miles. WOW I think I over did it just a bit considering I didn't have to go that far yet.
Things he kept saying to me.
Run straight
Move your arms straight not side ways.
Lengthen your stride out.
Breath in a pattern.
Keep loose hands not fists.
Hold your body straight no sideways moving, your off balance.
A few other things that were personal because he was watching my behind.
He can walk as fast as I can run so he did a lot of catching up to me instead of running ahead of me.
I survived driving kids to get candy. Yes I ate some yes I am going to pay in the morning scale reading
And just for the record this is my least favorite holiday. I think its a manufactures greatest plan to get us fat and make parents crazy with wild children but unfortunately my hubby loves it and so do my boys all dressed up nasty and scary like this year. Jer he is a sugar alcoholic and hopefully I can get him back to eating anything nutritious in a few days.
What do you do let them eat it all in one big binge or take it and dole it over the week? I have done it both ways this year they are binging because I want it gone and fast.

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