Sunday, October 3, 2010

139.4 Thats it no beef till the very end I need to lose.

I think my suspicion is right and I will not be eating any more of my beef allotment for the duration of this diet. I have got to lose more then a few ounces to be finished. I have been doing a 40 day round and the end is creeping closer and I want to get down the scale faster then what has been going on this week. Either that or I will just have to get running because I miss doing that this last month.

Today I am refueling, how? by watching this well the one that will be coming soon that is since I can see it broadcast on my T.V. Yesterday I refueled also by watching the Sat. sessions. I like to hear strength statements and there are many to be heard here.

Breakfast: Peanut butter pancakes with extra eggs in the mix ( just kidding, made them for my kids but I did not eat them).
Lunch: Chicken and a cucumber salted with an apple and some Melba rounds. I spread them through the whole afternoon.
Dinner: Shrimp only 2.5 ounce because I had filled up on homemade salsa. An orange and 7 melba rounds too many I think but I had to eat my Salsa on something.
Oh an always my HHCg while I am on my P2 round.

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