Saturday, October 9, 2010

136.8 Something new but can't be worn.

About a month ago my Hubby threw, well dragged the old couch out the door. He had had it. The stuffing kept coming out the top cushions and was duct taped to keep shut. A year ago he had sat down rather hard on it and we all heard the crack sound. After a year it hurt to sit on it as it was more boards then cushions on the rear end. I did not want to get a new one yet, not with 6 boys that like to jump over, on and would be under if they could figure that out. Well today we went shopping and for the first time in our 22 years of married life we have a new couch that can make into a bed for guests and is leather with a removable micro suede cover. Really cool if I do say so myself. Everyone had to sit on it and I who never watches shows actually sat and watched one whole show tonight. Maybe that's been my problem over the last 5 years there wasn't a comfy couch to relax the bones on. Anyway I felt really excited at my new room taking shape maybe I will paint and throw some red pillows on the couch to liven the chocolate brown leather up.

Breakfast: Chocolate water
Lunch: Fish and onions sauteed in coconut oil. An orange and a wasa cracker.
Dinner: Chicken grilled with yellow pear tomatoes. Melba rounds and and apple.
I was so hungry still that I ate some almonds.
I only have 4 more days to go for this 40 day round and two days to get to at least 35lbs. This round has been very hard to lose down and I am short of the 120 that I wanted to get to but that's ok there has been some great results in smallness and body fat percentage accomplishments. One more round that's short and maybe I will hit the goal on the nose.

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  1. Congrats on your loss. You and I are so close in weight throughout, its pretty wild. I started at 189, and now am at 139...184 to 136 for you...pretty cool. And thanks for your kind words!