Monday, November 1, 2010

I reserve the right to not put the scale reading on today.

I really do not want to blog today but I am driven by a goal to keep a record so that I am accountable to this weight loss goal that I have made. I am going to talk about the fact that I fit in all those skinny jeans that have been stored in my closet. Now not skinny in the skinny popular statement just skinny to me size 8 and I can now do the buttons up without sucking to hard on my gut.

I remember the day after my first boy, who is faraway, was born and I tried to put my old jeans on that I wore pre-pregnancy. No one told me that I would need to wait a bit to fit in. My Mom was not there to help me pack the bag and help my brain realize those things. I just thought that I would pop back to a pre-pregnancy shape and fit. Let me tell you how shocked I was to not fit. Hey I had gotten that big ball in the belly area on the outside now what gives. I then had to shove them back into my suitcase and put my big fat clothing back on. I even had to wear those dang things for a few weeks after till I could go get new clothing or pants I should say. Standing in the dressing room was not so happy a moment as I got pair after pair slowly moving up in size way past what I had ever worn before. I wore a size 5 or 6 back pre-pregnancy. I finally wrapped the brain around the fact that it was not going to ever happen for that old size. Even today as I feel grouchy at the scale and have no desire to post the weight I can fit into my size 8 and feel great because they are way smaller then last years size 14 jeans but the size sure likes to play with your brain.

I must focus on the fact that my thighs do not touch together anymore rubbing when I run or walk. My hips are very slim and there is no fat pad on the back side that makes me look like I need to cut a small hunk off. The arms are very defined not as nice and defined as but getting there. My muscles ache in lots of ways but it's the kind that makes me say yeah I am getting back in shape and feeling pretty great. So ya let me focus on that today instead of the scales. Oh yea doing a steak day and eating only an apple.
I am so much more in shape then what the scale had to say this morning.
Did stretching, my hip needed it after that dang long run Sat.

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