Friday, November 5, 2010

140.0 Mmmm WHY??? Turkey run

Why? cause my body wants to be this weight on the scale I guess.
Today would be the first day of maintenance if deciding to keep going that way. I have decide it will be about three weeks of maintenance before I do another round. I am not pleased that there was a rise again after eating pretty moderate. I mean the Cream Cheese shakes with the strawberries was what I ate on my first P3 round. The salad was lots of greens but maybe it has to do with the dressing yep sugar in it. Later that evening I could have eaten less of my dinner, less salad, less steak, less dressing that most likely had lots of sugar in it. I don't know its sure has been much harder this time around to lose, make the body set and now who knows stay at the lower weight. I think I am going to do a Thanksgiving load and then a 20 day round to lose towards my goal. I sure hope I am able to get to my goal without having to do anymore rounds and then the goal would be to maintain that for a whole year without having to do anymore rounds. I must admit I have learned lots and lots about so very many things on this journey. I will continue to learn I am sure for the rest of my life how to manage this body and the quirks that come along with it. Here's to maintenance for the next few weeks and trying to stay at a low level on the scale.
Eats today:
Green salad with chicken cucumbers, sunflower seeds, feta cheese and Waldon's sugar free onion salad dressing.
An apple with some peanut butter.
2 liters of Stevia hazelnut water.
Dinner baked Salmon, Cheese chunk and more water.
Rode my bike for 40 min and hiked the side of our hill for .8 of a mile that's a total of 2.8 miles worth of exercises. My leg hurts on the left side most likely because for a bit of the walk I walked backwards up the hill. Why, I don't know just for the fun of it that's why.

I am excited for tomorrow ready to run with parts of my family in a 5K race to try and win our Turkey dinner.

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  1. Don't be too hard on yourself. You are working hard. You are applying yourself. Keep it up. You'll be wonderful.