Sunday, November 7, 2010

139.2 The day after race ouch!

As the day neared the end yesterday I started to be really "ouch" in my hip on that left leg. I had done lots of stretching and kept wondering why its hurting this race and running agendas compared to back in June and July when I prepared for my first 5K race. I hadn't ached not one time back then so why now. The Hubby just always says something like you need to work it out more, no help there. Well I finally got a jet tub massage going on it. This has helped it quit hurting and being all tight and isn't feeling like it ran any miles at all on that hip for today at least. Hopefully the muscle will settled down in that area now and will stay settled down forever.
Today I rested with a bit of stretching tomorrow. I will hit it hard again bumping up the miles a bit.
The days eats have been crazy sugary such as chicken with sweet sour sauce and oreo cookies.
I had oatmeal with yogurt that had sugar in it. I did eat one healthy half of a cucumber. But then on to a brownie with marshmallows, jalapeno poppers and fruit. Oh ya pepper jack cheese and lots of my water too. This is definitely the dangerous season of foods maybe because our bodies crave the warmth that fats and carbs make under the layer of our skin in preparation for cold weather. Just a thought on why we eat what we do some days. Believe me my body would some days like that fat layer back to keep it warm, it is cold in my surrounding land now days. The only problem is my willpower will not allow that fat layer to come back, no never again can it come back like that.

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