Friday, November 12, 2010

138.6 Wrestle on, steak day helped.

We are all very happy today, its Friday. The pretty girl made a healthy breakfast for the guy friend and surprised him with breakfast in bed. She is taking him to a dance tonight.
C boy is almost to the weight that he needs to be, all the while eating very very healthy, no starvation going on here even though he thinks it is when all the other kids get things like tortilla's or chips.
Me I am happy because for at least today I got the pounds to drop back a bit and even got a run in late at night.

My eats Cheese, Steak, lettuce, almonds, chocolate nut spread, Eggs, and two candies. Its the strangest thing to not get that grinding hungry pain and to just pay attention to if I really am or am not hungry.

Had to laugh at the C boy, he was cooking the steak, making the food he gets to eat after his weigh in tomorrow. Being all fussy in the Kitchen, finally I asked what he was doing; he even washed dishes. He said "I can't stand that the steak is setting and no one is rushing to eat it." "And I am just trying to be helpful." I told him he was testing his strength and he better get out because he can't eat tonight as he is so very on the edge of what he needs to weigh tomorrow.
All the little boys are doing a Bantam tournament and they were really quickly in their beds out to sleepy land. These tournaments start at 7:30 am and there is always travel time to have to take place.

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  1. busy busy busy! It sounds like you are superMom helping Cboy to get to his weight. Great job.

    Your run was amazing, especially after your day. You are incredible.