Tuesday, November 23, 2010

140.BRRRRRR its cold!

We awoke to find the little boys room freezing cold and the wind whipping into it in record strength. There is a huge storm brewing that is supposed to be record cold, wind and snow by tonight. Let me back up just a bit, a few days ago we had an earthquake, the epicenter was very very near our home. It was small but it must have knocked a few of our nails around that keep the house together because the window frame that the Hubby still has to frame around on the inside came loose in the boys room. This allowed wind to blow through the crack that is between the window and the framing spot. It let the foam seal crack and with as much wind as we have from the impending storm that was one dang cold room. Yep no exercise this morning because I was trying to seal the frame back in without realizing that the window was loose. After everyone got on the buses I headed for the Hardware store and got caulk to reseal the area. They asked me if it was loose because they just couldn't understand why the air would be getting in like that especially after I said it has been sealed for like 4 years now. I hadn't even thought to look that the window might be loose. By the time I got home the Hubby was back from a short day at work and I discovered a way loose window that had nails that were not sunk in on one side of the frame. The Hubby used his strong hands to crank the screws back in and hold the window back in tight and I caulked the seal back together. It sometimes is a small blessing to find such things can you imagine what a wind at 50 mile and hour could do to that loose window with this up coming storm we are supposed to have.

Eating was making sure I got breakfast because now like never before my body is saying I am hungry feed me when I get up and get going so here goes the eats.

Eats: Well an apple muffin on the run for breakfast.

Lunch is a hamburger with spinach salad for lunch.

Dinner: Steak with a handful of almonds and a huge cup of hot chocolate that I might very well regret on the morning scale read but after being ice cold all Dang day it felt good to drink something warm.

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