Wednesday, November 3, 2010

138.4 Tried another steak day today.

I had a rest day today resting from all exercises. Instead I did house work and the dreaded bills. I made the mistake of asking the Hubby if he thought I was looking like I had tighter legs like in the past. Smart Man he would only say the he loved me no matter what and that I would never be 21 again.
Little guy ate lots again today. Of course I made the peanut butter sandwich with carmel chips so that he would eat it no matter what. He ate it all but the crust. Along with an oatmeal bar from my sisters house. I wonder if he tried new things at school today. Again used the hungry med, I think I will have to keep this up for a little bit until we get him into realizing the messages that he is hungry.
Oh ya I ate an apple and had my steak and lots and lots of water today and I am drinking tea before I go to bed. The teenagers at my house are having a get along battle and I sure hope they get it figured out soon so we can have peace again.

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