Thursday, November 18, 2010

138.8 C boy made the GOAL!

C boy is 101.2 and after wrestling yesterday he was 100 pounds. He said "I don't know what I was worried about, I feel better then I have all summer and fall". I was more out of shape then I realized and it shows". He was unable to wrestle after Christmas last year because he broke his ribs and then protected them for three months. Now that he has paid attention to eating healthy and really put it all out on the mat he realizes how out of shape he had gotten over that time frame. This morning he could have eaten breakfast but he wouldn't so I made him egg salad sandwiches with Cheese on my thin bread. He will drink his water and poweraid and do the hydration test and chow down tonight. The goal for him has been met and passed and it was all done with healthy eats cutting the junk right out and increasing the water that his body needed.
Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal

My eats: Breakfast: Omlet with homemade salsa, slice of cheese, Chocolate malted milk.
Lunch: Egg salad sandwich with another slice of Cheese, I think I am protein seeking today.
Dinner: Sloppy joe that I didn't make, with Orange slices three carrots, white bread bun, Chocolate pudding with whipped cream; ate at Jer's reading party for school. Ohh I just ate in a big danger zone wonder what will happen now. But as we can all see the rice and corn syrup didn't bump the scale to bad now for tomorrows readings. I am hungry today wonder whats up with me.

Note: C boy passed the test really easy and the kitchen wanted to go into hiding if it could cause he took foods out of hiding spots that he had stored all week and ate little bits out of them. The Hubby and I were laughing at him so hard he is like that dog looking at the steak in the stream and growling at everyone. He was nice and shared his sandwiches with all the other starving wrestlers that were having to do weigh ins and hydration tests two hours away from home with no packed dinners to eat.

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