Friday, November 19, 2010

139.6 A bit higher on the scale after all that.

I think that the lovely Aunt visitor coming is why the scale is a bit higher and why I was more hungry then usual yesterday. Also I have no energy today so it was one of those sitting around not feeling that great kinda of days. Tomorrow will be better I am sure.
Pro-biotics are really good for breaking down fiber very important to the gut so I think I will make sure I take some and get the Little guy to take a bit more in his pedisure. He told me that he ate a pumpkin pie at school. I wonder if that means the crust or the filling or the whipped topping. I guess I will have to test that out on him on the up coming holiday meal plan.

And yep C boys scale reading was back to 103.6 after his kitchen tasting splurge. He is going to have to be mighty careful all season long. Good thing he is the energizer bunny.

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