Wednesday, November 10, 2010

140.2 Talking to kids about weight loss.

Last night and all morning starting at 5AM the boy who needs to lose 2 pounds wants to know what to do. As a Mom with the boy who is growing this is a big struggle to be placed in. He is the energizer bunny almost every single day so how could you bump his metabolism up anymore? He is growing you should not keep a boy depleted when it needs to grow. So how do you tell them how to drop 2 or 3 pounds in three days. The only two things I can think of is that he needs to drink more water and flush his system out a bit. Second eat only protein and vegetable carbs. No bread no sugar no treats. And third bump up his exercises status into over drive.

Just like wrestling is mostly a control over your mind and a will to win. Being in control over what you put in your mouth and making sure your willpower keeps you on track is the way to lose a few pounds. He asked me if he could use my HCG and I of course said no it will not work that way for you. You must follow the system and it takes more then three days to lose and you are not fat so there is nothing to pull from fat that is stored on your body.

He admitted that he was hungry after practice last night and went to his cousins and ate a Pizza Pocket. No protein not really any carb worthy eats of a vegetable and lots, LOTS of a bread that's white. Along with the fact that he realized he does not drink the amount of water his body needs to rotate around in his system. So he ate nothing else last night and at 5 was on the treadmill running eating breakfast of only egg whites and a tomato with my sugar free dressing. A bag of celery and a liter of water went with him to school. The bottom line is that if he can't go down then he will have to wrestle the next weight up and be happy there and so will the coaches because the kid is riped all ready and there is no fat on that body to lose.

Me running in a snow storm for 3 miles and some of the Pilate's that worked the abs. I can really feel the tightness in the area around my old C-section scar.

My eats: Cream cheese smoothie with peaches and strawberries and some celery too. Salmon and California rolls made out of brown rice. A wasa cracker with some cheese and almonds.

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