Saturday, November 27, 2010

144.2 Last loading weight increase.

Well it looks like I do have a faster metabolism since I really didn't increase to much on the scale and I promise I ate homemade whipped cream and lots of pie yesterday. Now to loose the last few pounds

Today will be Water for breakfast
Lunch: 100 grams of Chicken grilled and a tomato with 1 melba round and one orange.

I watched Dr. Oz and he said that a good way to wash off some of the pesticides that are on certain fruits, one being apples, is to soak for a min in vinegar or just peel since it won't wash off the wax that is on the skins.

Dinner: One big apple a honey crunch kind yumm. Talopia fish in a bit of water with celery cooked and some raw bites. Three melba rounds and a bit of peanut butter that I forgot I should not eat in a moment of making sandwich's for the little guy.

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  1. Good luck for the round! I love honey crisp. Vinegar is a good tip, but I don't like peeling my fruits. Fiber. I'm obsessed. :)