Thursday, November 25, 2010

137.2 My own 10K goal and Thanksgiving

It was a race against myself to increase my pace and go the distance and I did it. 6.12 miles so a little over the amount needed yes with my trusty old treadmill. I got my pace going and kept at it with only three little potty breaks and one cookie removal from the oven. There was never above 5.o and it took me 80.14 Min's to do the run; But I felt good and not like I was going to crash at the end, keeping steady the whole time. I had wanted to go do a run in Moab Utah but ended up having a training day for the buses along with wanting to do one more round to meet my goal of 120 before the year is out so that Xd my true race that would have gotten me a bib and pace recording but oh well maybe a different race will come to my availability.

LOADING for my 4th round with HHCG today. THANKSGIVING dinner will be enjoyed by me a ton because I am not going to avoid a single thing. The only problem is that I have to actually force myself to eat more then the usual since I fill full so fast these days. It was a struggle the whole time but I made it and there had better be a significant rise on the scale that I hope slides off faster then an entire week like the last time that I had to do a big round before the loss kicked in.

I am thankful for family
4wheel drive
Financial security right now
Heat and heaters
Home to live in
Hope and happiness
Healthy body
Happy kids and Hubby
Honest people
Most of all I am thankful for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and all that they do and have done for me in my life.

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  1. Wow. 6+ miles is awesome. I'm so glad you have so many blessings. I hope that you have a great weekend!