Tuesday, November 30, 2010

140.0 Celebration for Jer!

It's been a rough day of driving to Dr's and and racing back to see wrestling matches. But the very best news of all, Jer the little guy does not have to see the Cardiologist for two whole years. One less Dr. visit on the 6 month agenda that I have to keep track of for him. I am absolutely thrilled I can hardly believe that this is finally happening for us this year. This Dr. was one that has followed him from the NICU and she too was thrilled to see him finally growing past the Pulmonary Hypertension that was brought on by the lung tissue damage from being a tiny little itty bitty preemie guy.

Of course the whole driving trip put a wrench in the diet plan of mine this time. I was not very prepared I forgot my lunch food except the apple because I had eaten that rather early for breakfast. Two hours of driving and convenience store foods with the Hubby who had gotten a pizza and I ate the dang crust which was super thick. Then a pumpkin cookie that Jer wanted to share. A chocolate Zinger that Jer decided he didn't want the bottom of. I felt trapped in a food car and no exercise to have burned off pre-calorie cheating.
Lunch came at dinner time after sitting in the Dr. office for thee hours doing EKG's and Echo Cardiograms on the little Guy, yes we had to ubber bribe him with a diesel if he would hold still for all these tests. He just kept saying I want to be done and go home now, but he did hold still for them, as still as a 4 year old will hold. I ate a apple pecan Wendy's salad and yep I am pretty sure it was well over 500 cal amount.

Racing back to see the C boy "WIN" his first freshman match on the Varsity Wrestling team. 12 to 8 he was so bugged he had the kid pined almost three times and then he wiggled out. 102.6 was the weight before their tiny practise for the day then his weigh in was 101.2. Ohh to have a metabolism that worked that fast again would so be a dream.

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  1. WHAT A DAY!!! Those are such hard days, when you're pushing pushing pushing, and the food and activity sucks. If only we could harness the mental powers we use to worry and stress, those days wouldn't be so physically disastrous!

    I'm sure you actually did fine. It will even out. Life can't be measured out every day. You did great with what you had.

    Congrats to the C boy! Woo-hoo!