Tuesday, November 16, 2010

139.4 A Need to win hmmmm!

I feel better today. I was afraid that my hip might hurt when I woke up this morning after running for that many miles. I was pleasantly surprised that it must be starting to comply to these exercises that I am making it go through. I sure do not get why it didn't hurt like this back when I started running in the summer for the first time in 19 some odd years. And even at that I was not really ever a big runner.
I hope I win this (go read about it) never wanted one until lately when I can't tell how fast i am getting or how far I have gone.

I had such a busy day that I only ate a steak on the run at a restaurant and had an apple with it.
My pants are so dang baggy but I am having a revers experience about not wanting to give them to someone else but they do not fit me very well at all. Why would that be, well they are dang cute they are long not capri's, they keep me warm and I only got them a year ago. I am back in that space of not wanting to go buy pants (costly &, no money to spend) but this time its to get a smaller pair not a bigger pair. Oh that felt so good to be able to say and think that.

So today off our school lunch menu C boy can only eat the salad which is only a bit of shredded iceberg lettuce, and apple wedges with milk to stay safe in keeping his scale level at a good space. The Macho nachos have way to much sodium and the chips are corn with dextrose, He could scrap the cheese and meat off and eat that but there is barely any there and it is all mixed with the beans that are totally sodium loaded. The treat is a Rice Krispie and so no sugar if he is going to play it safe. Then I read this off the Lighter side blog and about died. Maybe the schools should watch what they are feeding the kids first before telling the parents how to fix the kid. Made me fuming because the kids have to pay extra to get a nice side salad if they do not want to eat off the school menu at our school areas.

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