Tuesday, November 9, 2010

140.2 Another day to get it right.

Quiet peaceful house for a min. The wrestling season is upon this household. This means the taxi service is back in full swing, going and coming back and forth alot of driving is going to be happening. This includes one kid who must drop 2 pounds and it would be nice if it were three pounds. Plus really healthy eats have to be in the fridge so that the boys are not looking for fast sugar fixes and empty calories. No white stuff allowed in the kitchen like no fried foods nor cola drinks, and heaven forbid there better be no white rice, white potatoes, white bread, white chips, white is out. You know the saying the whiter the bread the sooner your dead. Muscle maintenance and lots of veggies is the fare what the heck do you do when it won't grow at this time of the year. One very nice plus with boys wrestling is that the coaches demand a curfew time, in bed and lights out by 9:30. I love it because the ones who won't do that rule are faithful to it at this time of year.

My Eats: Omelet with salsa and onions and cheese. A cracker with cheese and a hamburger for my lunch with a cucumber and sugar free onion dressing from the Waldon Farms brand. A peanut butter sandwich only a half on whole grain bread and a cup of milk. I have a tummy ache this evening.
Did the full 45 min Pilate's video with Denise Austin, this is my cross train day. I do not know why but some days I just put it off and then realize when I am in the middle of it that these moves are tough and I can feel the burn that happens in the slow build that I do when working that video out.

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