Wednesday, November 24, 2010

138.6 Vitamin D and losing.

I read an article kind like this about how this group was doing a study on losing weight and found that many people were also lacking vitamin D but when they increased the amount they were able to start loosing because the fats cells stoped keeping it locked in and unavailable to the system, interesting so of course the article led me to research and study this so now I am upping my vitamin D so this next round i do might be a bit easier to lose with.
Eats Messy when you start cooking for Thanksgiving Dinner or leave super early to get to a Dr. appointment and there is only a killer yummy bakery open when the hungry signal hits.
Egg croissant on the most divine croissant and a cinnamon roll with a blueberry almond milk smoothie.
Lunch Chicken rolled tiquitose and broccoli trees.
Dinner pumpkin cookies with lots of almonds two tastes of killer cranberries salsa ohhh its a good thing i get to eat whatever I want tomorrow.

Things I have noticed since doing this diet. When I was a kid and I awoke in the morning there was a hungry signal that my belly sent to the brain and i hear it. Then over the years it got mixed up and lost or maybe ignored with the activities that were around me. The signal just wasn't honer or listened to much and some days it even quit working. Now that my metabolism is speeded up a wee bit I get that message rather quickly in the morning. Now the test is to make sure that I give the message something so that I keep the metabolism moving, that's one key element I have noticed happening.
The second thing is that when i eat I am filled rather quickly and have lost that need to fill till i am so full I want to pop and can't move. I now don't like that feeling so much. Ya here comes one of those days when I have to load and feel almost sick inside.
The third thing comes under motility. If I eat over the amount my insides make somewhat of a protesting and work at top speed so that they are free of the cramped feeling that make the space feel squished. I am glad that the break down works better these days then it used to in my past.

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