Sunday, November 21, 2010

138.0 Ouch I hate aching!

Aching I did not sleep really well my back hurt and my legs felt all cramped from running. The Hubby gave me a karate chop sort of massage and the muscles felt better in my back after that. I am sure having off days this week it seems. My eats were slightly messy. I am hungry at moments but can't think of anything that is really appealing so it was more like a snack of this or that the whole day. I hate it when I get this way with eating because I just can't think of what would be good to eat.
One broccoli tree, some yogurt, one cheese stick, a bit of lasagna, spoonful of ice cream, a bit of apple slice with a bit of peanut butter, spinach with a tiny bit of feta cheese a sprinkle of sunflower seeds, one small tomato. I kept tyring to figure out what it was that would fill me up but never really sat down to eat. Even if I had wanted to cook I couldn't because the kitchen water had to stay off as our dishwasher had melted a hole in the bottom and the Hubby needed one more new part to hook up a new dishwasher. So you guessed it I got my Christmas present that I didn't really want but when you spend two hours everyday doing dishes and then by night time two more hours the Hubby starts to get grumpy and gives in and got one instead of tyring to get kids to take turns washing and fighting over it. They are much better at just getting all the dishes put away after something else dose the cleaning.

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