Tuesday, November 2, 2010

138.2 Eating disorders in little kids.

Steak day sorta worked, at least the scale is not where it was at (and no I still am unwilling to post it) but it sure would be nice to stay lower instead of always climbing up the scales when I go on P3. I wonder if there really are people who lose instead of gain after P2? My legs are getting really strong and firm, now if my butt muscles would just do the same thing. I guess I am going to have to do the dreaded squats over and over to get that result. Sad thing is we have packed the weights up to finish our basement floor so who knows when I will have that available to me again.

3.2 miles running today 1.1 mile out on the road 2 .1 miles back on the treadmill.

I need ear muffs or a head band that covers my ears too and gloves to keep my fingers warmer.

Eats were chicken noodle soup with carrots. Celery sticks and milk. Lots of almonds an apple and lots of grape stevia water.

Jer the Little Guy and Not Eating Story

I was going to try doing one more steak day today and I was going to do it for my evening meal, but I had to get Jer to have a school picture taken and he then begged me to eat lunch with him. When you have a kid who will not eat and he invites to eat preschool lunch well you had better not turn him down because then what kind of example are you. He can't understand that you have an opposite scenario and want to lose fat where he needs to gain fat any time he can. Since Fri of last week he has been unwilling to eat, even his usually fare of steak or chocolate peanut butter sandwiches or even very much of his stand by Pediasure. The candy of the season has been a HUGE factor.

Did you know that when a baby is in the NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit) that often when they are old enough to manage and have started to taste that they will give sugar water on their lips to taste, especially before they do a IV stick or draw blood. The sugar water is like unto having a dose of morphine, thus I of course have a very addicted little guy to SUGAR in any form. I feel he seeks sugar more because it is a familiar taste that he is ok with compared to maybe other tastes especially when mixed with textures. Not all children would be this way but remember he had no food by mouth until he was 7 months old. Some do not feel that it is addicting which messes with me since working to be free from the need to have so much sweet laden food is what my diet has been partly about. Seeing how much sweeter and more flavourful food is without adding so much sugar to it is what I have learned along the way.

Read this and this or this to see how sugar acts as morphine to a preemie, how it works and how people feel about its usage.

This could be why he hasn't eaten anything except candy for 4 yes FOUR days including the pedisure which he usually will drink every night. This morning at 6 am when he asked for a drink there was hungry medicine given to him also. I was getting desperate to see him eat something healthy. This included that all candy got baned from the house. All the other boys if they had any left hid it where the Mom has not been able to find it and that includes the Little Guy not being able to find it.

So back to lunch I agreed to sit right down and eat with him. He ate some of the noodles, then the chicken chunks a few minuets later he was drinking the broth off his spoon which was a first for me and the teachers to see. We played a crunch game with the celery all the other little kids ate not him. 6 minuets later he decided to try one of the celery sticks. Yippee on to one more celery stick and one more. That is the first time he has ever tried them. I about jumped out of my seat, between me and the teacher we just kept scooping out chicken chunks and putting them in his bowl and talking about how yummy all the food was. He still wouldn't touch the slimy looking peaches that are out of a can. At my sisters house later that day he ate popcorn and roman noodles and at my brothers house that night Aunt Jamie got him to eat part of a peanut butter sandwich and 3 spoonfuls of yogurt. At bed time he asked for a pedisure and I the crazy girl that I am added the rest of his yogurt to it with probiotics and the hungry med again. We just gota make up the calories in that little body when the eating is good. Believe me I wish he would just do it on his own but at least there is a med. that can trip him into getting hungry some days. The thing that makes me crazy is that everyone elses food looks better then when it is at our house, even if it happens to be the same dang food, who cares though at least he is willing to eat today and that has helped me feel less stressed. I also didn't need to eat for him so hopefully this scale will stick or go down tomorrow. Yes I realize that I stress ate for him on Sunday thus a disgusting scale read got me on Mon.

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  1. NOt disgusting scale read.


    You are gonna be okay. I know what you mean about the whole eating when stressed/emotional. But you are not only your emotions. Think of all the other things you have done in spite of your emotions.

    YOu are gorgeous. You are awesome, and you are amazing. Keep it up. You can do it, just for now. Just today. xoxo