Thursday, November 11, 2010

140.4 Modified Steak day again.

I decided to try another steak day to see if the weight would drop back down to the lower level that I had ended this last round with. I am not really ever hungry and eat really rather small in portion but I always seem to slowly climb up bit by bit. That's even with all the hard working out that I have been doing. I look great so I can't complain that the scale sits a tiny bit higher then when I finish but sure makes me nervous for when I reach my goal point. I just might have to go way past the 120 mark so that my system does its final set point right at the 120 when its all said and done, if you follow my gist here.

The C boy came and said he had a go to the bathroom problem. The Hubby and I asked him how long it had been going on. He said like 4 days now. We were a bit surprised and then the lecture about didn't you listen about how the wrestling coaches said you needed to drink water? Ya Ya but he hadn't believed and now he was sick. Well since that Hubby is in the Med field and the Little guy Jer has to often use things to help the motility, C boy got a dose. Needless to say those few pounds that he has been stressing over came off and the morning weight was 1 pound away from where he needs to be by Saturdays weigh in. Now all we have to do is good healthy eating of nice veg and protein for three meals in small portions and lots of water with tons of exercises and I bet that boy makes the coveted 103 pound bracket that he desires.

Me a nice long walk of 2.5 miles since its my rest day but I crave doing something healthy everyday now.
Eats steak apple and some cheese oops not a total steak day.

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