Monday, February 21, 2011


This was about the only photo I could find of myself before using the HCG diet. It was the summer of 2009 before doing my HCG diet and getting my gut tight again. Notice my lovely fat face which is very thin now.

2011 right after the Bantam wrestling turnament one year after my HCG diet rounds.
Back in the blue suit that hides not a single ripple or roll of fat from the eye to see, these are much smoother ripples compared to the past year of before my HCG and 5K and 10K runs.

I can't believe it its been one whole year of incredible learning. More then just how to do Dr. Simeons protocol. I have learned what makes me gain what helps me lose, whats my limits in physical strength, how to push myself more or give myself a break. Learning to reward myself without food as the prize at the end. Now don't get me wrong here I still have to pay close attention to this, be consistently monitoring myself, I am not perfect here yet.

Let me just tell you it feels pretty dang good to sit at the Little boys Bantam wrestling in dang tight skinny jeans with a sparkly belt and feel like a million bucks compared to last year were I felt old, fat, ugly, had stupid fat pants that I hated and feeling like I was never going to be pretty again. And I did hide my face from all kinds of photos back then. I felt Like I was the mother of a bunch of boys and out for my league with all these young moms that brought their little guys to wrestle and they were all dolled up wearing super high heels and looking as young as my daughter. My thought was just get me out of here I am too old to be here looking like this. Yes I started my first HCG day on the Bantam wrestling day on year ago and we just finished the bantam wrestles over the weekend. All of my little boys ended up with first and second medals including Jer who was given a medal from the coach as a prize even though he didn't wrestle, he is a bit to little still to do the sport.

So today one before snap shot and one of my new me in my cute little skinny jeans along with the fact that I am 44 years old and HOT looking instead of the mother of 7 children. Thanks HCG and all the other blogs and Friends along the way with many an alternate path that taught me how to or not to get back the me that got buried over the last 12 years of my life. There were plenty of blogs that I read, many personal stories and struggles that helped my resolve. Close family that gave me reasons to keep on trying to reach my goal.

But the most important was my own resolve and WILLPOWER to gain the upper hand something that I will keep continuing on with everyday for the rest of my life from now on.
I better put a shout out to a girl who is working to loose, a fellow wrestler Mom. YOU CAN DO THIS and its so worth the change too. I think you know who you are.

Doing this diet taught me a few of these things belive me there are more but to many to list:

Portion control

Eating when I am really hungry not just because its there to eat.

Calorie combinations that are low.

How to drink enough water for my body.

Paying attention to what is in stuff, (like the hidden names of many sugars).

How to like warm hearbal tea to keep me warm, hated tea at the begining now its not so bad.

That corn chips are evil in many ways, two chips a calorie amount a must stay away from.

That there is a sweetness that is unbelivable in green leaves and celery if you havent eaten sugar for a long time.

What a healthy portion size is, which is about the size of your fist for proteins.

Most of all that I am always going to pay attention to the amounts that I eat when I eat and what it is that I eat so that I keep this skinny look around for a long long time!


  1. oh my gosh! I can see your face! You are freaking beautiful! - even in the old photo, but you look sooo much younger in the new. Congratulations to you! It's not an easy road, but the rewards are worth it all! So, uh.. will you donate the infamous blue suit to the Museum of HCG-ing?

  2. I should donate it but I dont really like to show the skin much so naw, I think I better keep it for updates over the years. I intend to keep this tiny figure and its a good measure to go off of. I used it only because it was the same thing I danced in back in highschool before all the babies and the stress, and the not paying attention to foods was in my life.

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