Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Progress and starting over some days.

I did another 10K all by myself felt so great the rest of the day. Tue ready to wake up with an owie hip and there was not a single sign of it Yippy that is just too cool.
Dinner was Sweet potatoes fries with too much pepper, chicken and salad and a bit of ranch dressing. The next day the scale was down go figure.

As I look back across the last year with my first date of using HCG coming closer I love being able to review that I can now run 6 miles. Yes that's what I just wrote, Monday I ran that many miles on my treadmill in 79 min. Back when I started this journey just trying to lose the pounds and then needing to tone all the flab all I could do was walk a mile. I told myself every day that I walked that this took forever then I'd groan. The message was I don't have this kind of time to spend here. But really what was more important then getting healthy so I could live longer and stay healthy and not cost my family lots of money in some horrible medical catastrophe.

Now with all that I have learned in being in control of the amount of foods the kinds the combinations and paying attention to what is in stuff that I don't make myself, I feel like I am getting on top of the game of losing and keeping the weight off.

My mental Model: I said this for years and now its almost here. "I will be a happy healthy 120 pounds". That looked like me wearing skinny jeans and feeling strong all over my body. The body follows the mind so a message that you tell yourself is so very body changing. I actually fit in those skinny jeans without the scale reading 120 right now today.

I decided to join Doctor Oz. 11 week move it to lose it and love the plan so that when I am eating whatever I want to eat not doing (HCG) I can also pay attention to how much I need to move to keep it all in check. Along with all the helps of great people that are at my finger tips to glean info from.

Well by the end of the week things were getting straggly. I had a cool late Christmas present of seeing a play in big city and a night out just me and the hubby. It was fun but eating out of the house can really throw your plans out the door sometimes. Also hotels believe in white flour waffles not whole grain kind to feed breakfast seekers.
Wrestling events have some of the worst concession stands filled with ubber junk foods, its a wonder that a boy could even eat healthy stuff at those tournaments. The C boy was at a huge competitions with 66 schools and 68 kids in his weight bracket we went to watch him at the Rocky Mountain Rumble Competition. He placed 7th which is really good for a freshman wrestler. He says "every match is an ability to learn something new to stretch your abilities into new possibilities". "Its actually better to learn while in a real match because both are straining so hard to get the upper move." The food choices were ugha and so I think in one weekend I have undone a healthy scale reading. But I did bring my Denise Austin abs DVD and did it right there in the hotel when I woke up Sat. morning. At least I kept moving.

Heres to keeping on with my maintenance and maybe figuring out what will keep me losing all the time.

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