Saturday, January 29, 2011

8 miles I went that far.

Wednesday of this past week yes I made an 8.33 miles to be exact in my run or maybe my boys might call it a shuffle since they can both Mc and C walk almost as fast as I can do my running but hey I did it. I went outside so there were no interruptions, no reasons to quit, and a must to get myself back home since no one was coming to rescue me. It took me two hours to do, of course one neighbor talked to me, one cell phone call slowed me a tish and the hill towards the end got a walk instead of the shuffle move because I was just to tired.

BUT I DID IT and its more then I ever thought I would do in my life time.

I had set out on Tue to do this goal but the Hubby surprised me and came home from work early right at mile 6.25. Ya know how if you stop you can't get going ya that happened to me so I decided to call the run for the day good and try later to reach that 8 mile goal.

I am trying to refine how many calories I consume. I hate recording them but by doing so with Dr. Oz Move it to Lose it I am seeing how much I need verses how much I take in and I always seem to go over. I really sometimes just think it would be easier to get back to the HCG diet limits yet I know that is not enough for the body to keep up with running too. So I am learning how to work the limits out and keep the calories low but not to low so that I can still run.

I saw a to die for recipe here that would be good for a maintaince phase it was on Dr. Oz show I gotta log it's link up there so that I can find it when ever the urge hits. I am so dang crazy for chocolet now days it is just pitiful, having never a need in the past as a youth and young Mom but now get out of my way and give me that stuff or I might clobber you for it. Hopefully this 88 cal replacement will help my fix need and maybe even the little guy will think its cool too. Maybe I just lack and seek the protein that chocolaty has so ya the secret ingredient is a protein that just might help my needs.

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  1. WOW! that's amazing! You are so inspirational. I'm proud of you.