Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Time out and evaluating my workout time frame!

I have come to realize that it is soso soso important to make sure that you really set your hypothalamus's during the P3 phase and not mess around at all. No matter how hard I am working out ( 4 miles every other day running and then some other cardio or strength train is the fare each day) the fat storage areas are slowly feeling out again and it is becoming slowly visible only to me, but none the less. My tummy is the spot that quickly starts to lose the tone and thin look if I am not vigilant.
The next three weeks are going to be very crazy, lots of Dr. appointments for Little guy and the wrestling moves into to hyper drive with all the tournaments that determine who really is the best of all the boys that are wrestling. Then add the factor that I have to do the Bus drive training in the snow. The truth be known I have no time left for myself. Either I blog or I exercise and so my blogging is going to have to cut down to once a week entries from now on. Otherwise I will really not have a reason to keep a record of my progress to a healthier body and lifestyle.
I am going to try and keep a better daily record on dailymile.com. Come be my friend and track your own progress; anyway so I can show that I really have worked out or at least walked and ran every other day that's where I will keep my record. Then just know that the off days I will be using my small library of DVDs to keep toning and firming the flab that is now here from having lost so much weight using HHCG over the last year.

5 miles the other day I felt so amazing and didn't even hurt the next day. I think the body is getting used to the moves and working into a stronger position now.

Dr Oz is becoming my favorite these days so many of my questions are getting answered by him. I am taking a time out from the HHCG for a bit and doing Dr. Oz 11 day workout. Along with the fact that the Hubby wanted me to stay off the scale and do just workouts and pay attention to the kitchen and food fare at our house just a bit more, so time out to work on better cooking and eating skills for all not just me he says.

Taking a time out is hard when your so addicted to making a record or wanting to tell those you care about something new that might help them but if I am not getting the work done myself its not going to matter how hard I have worked this past year to look and feel like a million bucks.
So moving on to an ever better life style, keeping things just a bit simpler once a week posting will be my new workout.

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  1. Seems like there were a lot of husbands taking a stand this holiday season. Good for them and us...just hard to figure out how to negotiate. It sounds like you have a great plan. I'll be here as much as I possibly can! You're totally worth it. PS, I got two checks from your WA friend. Tell her thanks for me! I'll get them deposited in the next day or two.