Thursday, January 6, 2011

Please Help this cutie out!

Please I have not many followers but even the few I do could help with just a tiny little bit. Those who link from my family site you can help too. The amazing thing is it's really truly coming so close to true and that's just to too to cool.

This girl says it so well even with her very colorfulness, but hey it's truthful, so read her plea and see what we can all do if we but work together to help others just a tiny little bit.

My kids you see this year that's what they did is give to her a bit of their Christmas money just so that she could get her a doggy. They understand that if she chokes and her Mommy is not alerted that her lungs can have major damage. They are sensitive to this because of there own little brother Jer's lung issues. They do not like the idea that she could silently cry without anyone knowing but a doggy could make all the difference and alert her parents to her needs. They have three of their own dogs and can not imagine her having to to be without one either, not when it could mean her very life could be saved by its ability to alert someone of her needs.
So please lets get this doggy with your help

Her Mommy is amazing and tells wonderful things about Chickadees story, she is my friend, read the stories here.
See her cute little face here, like her so you can see when she gets her doggy.
Give here so she can get her doggy its a secure site I promise.
If that isn't to your liking well there are other ways to get it too her I promise I can help you just email me please.
We are so close lets get that doggy soon for her!

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