Wednesday, August 4, 2010

148.0 Hiking with my scouts

Yep I am getting my exercises in one way or another. I took the scout group that I work with on a hike up to see a cave called Hundred hands cave made with real hands placed on the wall of the rock cave many many years ago. The Indians made the prints and they are preserved behind an iron gate for all to see. It was about a 1.92 mile walk all the way around, we had fun.

Then off to mini job and then back to do peewee 4-H I feel like I ran a marathon today. I changed 7 beds and cleaned three houses I think I am way tired.

Steak day by default of no eating time boy was it yummy. I also had two apples and an chocolate Nutella sandwich in there somewhere. Veggies are starting to pop out of my garden so fresh yummy very soon will grace my tastes.

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