Saturday, August 28, 2010

149.4 AAAAAh Dates

The date nights sugar made me rise rather high from the sauces last night and I ate whatever I wanted. I guess when you start thinking about the fact that your going to be losing soon you have a loss of control that starts in your head and perspective sorta goes out the door.
Its not that I am going crazy it just that I sorta stop being as careful as I should with the dangerous things that add back the weight in the fat cells that I have been trying to get to shrink in the body. You know like ice cream or chips with bad trans fat or pop, two in one day when I haven't had even one for 6 months.

Saturdays kitchen cookin.

I made a huge batch of vegetable and venison, Chile why so huge well three very large families were in need of dinner tonight. Mine was one of course, another who had a death in the family and anther who had a bad horse accident and has put the Mom out of walking and into the bed for several months to come. It was so yummy one of those comfort kinds of foods. We always eat it with chips and lots of sour cream. It had every kind of veggie you can imagine like crook neck squashes, peppers, corn, lots of fresh tomatoes and then the Pretty girl got into putting fresh basil into it. The boys wanted more of the hot chillie peppers out of the garden. Then three bowls later I decide I had better not test taste anymore as I was sure it was perfected and yep here is the morning damages on the scale along with a huge bowl of ice cream celebrating that the hay is again off the fields and we got to watch movies before bedtime.

Sunday scale read 150.2
I got on the treadmill and have now done two miles walking and tonight there shall be some more calorie burning that will go on.

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