Thursday, August 26, 2010

147.2 What do you let slid?

When your rushing to get the kids to the many activity spots what is your let slid thing? Meals, the way they are dressed, how about their hair dooos. In your house what can you allow to slid just so long as you can get in the exercises? The laundry, the dirt on the floor, the dishes, the dinner and go for mac and cheese instead of home cooked what is it?

My kids say I can never let the vacuum shut up (which is a swear word in our house if uttered at a person in anger). I admit that is not my slider because I like to not wear shoes in the house, as a matter o fact we are supposed to take them off at the back door since we live on a farm with dirt and it makes marks on the floor. I have hardwood through the whole main floor so it bugs me if they walked and droped little dust bits, thus the vacuum will not shut up at my house. My slider well it would have to be laundry since it never ends and I have lots of boys they just share around what they wear anyway uhhh till school starts and then I can't let it be my slider anymore they get vocal about it.
When it comes to activities I get to let hair doos take a slider they are now dictating to me that they will only let a professional cut their hairs. So all summer I had boys that looked like girls till they caved to the statements made by several older then me influences and let me take them to get school hair cuts the day before it started. They look all of a sudden grown right up it was somewhat of a scary shock. They were happy as long as the Mom didn't get to use her hair grabber clippers they said.
Exercise is on the soccer field we have swiftly shifted gears and are now all running up and down the field well one is playing the American style soccer of football but all the rest are doing the soccer thing with me chasing across three fields to watch them all. Did a steak day yesterday trying to keep the weight to a min as the lovely Aunt Flo came for a visit. and then it's drop weight again.

Eating was a nightmare it was late and not very protein filled, also I can't believe that I drank 2 pops today there was no water in sight and I caved on a hot soccer field.

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