Wednesday, August 18, 2010

148.6 Finally a semi quiet day.

It's raining cats and dogs, there is a post sitting that was for Mon. and Tue combined but I have to wait to make it public after seeing what the outcome of life takes, stay tuned.

Eating: I keep getting caught in crazy spots without healthy choices and it's wearing me down. Last night I ate pizza. The crust was thin the toppings were chicken and tomatoes, artichokes and lots of creamy ranch sauce but again there was a heavy white crust. A slice made it in my mouth for breakfast to today. I am still maintaining with slight rise above the goal stop point for my last round.

I can't get to a minute of exercise at all I am playing catch up on bills, paperwork, house keeping and getting kids ready for school. I am tired it's hot and not sleeping well again has occurred. If I could get some in I would drop back to the 145 set point of my last round I am sure.

I really want school to get started.
I want to drop the last 20, well now 25 pounds that my WII says should be my optimum weight for my age and height. I want to do it before all the veggies are gone out of my exploding garden.

I laid plastic in the garden so I didn't have to weed so much and it has worked like a heat absorber and a moisture retainer for the roots of the veggies. I have never had so many cucumbers and lettuce growing at one time. The tomatoes are monsters and will make me can lots for this winter. Not to mention that I will only have to buy meat and fruit for when I start the 25 pound drop for my diet. Well and the expense of an onion or two and some cabbage leaves. This will be the cheapest time I have ever done the diet this year.

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  1. Well...I hope it's good that the veggies are exploding! Certainly makes things cheaper. I'm hoping that this post we're waiting for will have fabulous news about you. I'm hoping it's not bad/sad/mad news. :) Have a great day. You amaze me!