Sunday, August 22, 2010

148.6 Green salad and being happy.

So today was one of those day's where the kids ate the cracked wheat cereal for breakfast without a single complaint because after a year I have now changed them into real breakfast eaters instead of cold bag cereal eaters. There was fruit to go on top and they all loved it.

The little guy who still won't eat much that appears mushy has now tried some dried fruit in the shape of a licorice made by Cliff Hangers and he liked it. It was not blueberries and he did yell about it not being for a second but then went ahead and tasted it while eating most of it. The cherries were tart in it but it was fruit in a real form not a corn syrup mix with coloring. That is a huge plus.

I am craving Chocolate, what the heck it must be nearing and rearing it's visiting head soon.

Two days left to starting school Yahweh I am really glad as they are very bored in this house.
Very little exercises has happened except for rapid walking and bending making beds. I sure hope that counts for something.

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