Friday, August 20, 2010

147.6 Exercise to combat possible stress.

Since Monday I haven't felt like getting up and doing and going with gusto. I had missed my excersise to go work for that dang company early to just get my pride hurt. My body wanted to hold, hold on to foods to that wanted to go up on the scale. I ate lots of things that made me feel yuck. I was angry and had to keep waiting to see what was going to be next. Today is the next I am going back to work. I only do it for this other company because one manager begged me to. He called he asked if I could trust and continue, he hired me, he did not try to fire me and place blame on me where it should not have gone. Will see how today goes.
I did do one good thing Almonds and Cashews are so good for you. Like little brushes in your insides moving bad stuff out. Like white pizza dough and hot dog buns and sticky candy and well I did do one good thing for me I got some from here in the mail that I had ordered and snacked on them yesterday. Pulled my self back to order and have already done my leg lifts and sit ups and side leg lifts and stretching and now I will hit post and then I am walking a mile and then maybe moving to a run for a mile. That's two miles for me today. So glad I am back on track, I think I already have a much better job possibility on the horizon for me. Mind you I only work to keep my far away son on an LDS Mission.

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  1. You are AMAZING. You know that right? When you hear me say "I can't believe you work too" I want you to hear my admiration and awe. I cannot imagine being able to get your kids in 4H to the fair, to wrestling, to Pretty Girl's amazing talents, AND firewood. Not to mention Little Guy.

    You are one inspiring woman. You do so much. I'm sorry that your pride got hurt, and that you were accused wrongfully. I hope sincerely it goes well today.

    Loves, and comfort,